Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hilariously Disturbing

So I was surfing ONTD this morning, looking for something slightly more interesting than your standard "my god, Lindsay Lohan looks like Sharon Stone at age 80" post, and stumbled upon something that I found too ridiculous not to re-post. Stop, wait, let me specify: too ridiculous, too hilarious, and yet also equally disturbing. Like, while i'm laughing i'm scrunching up my nose in distaste. Male Disney characters as beefcake pin-ups. I know its been done a million times to the princesses, so it's perfectly fair game. I also recall knowing many a girl at age 7 who thought The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric was an ideal man. Yet, I still feel like ick. Because I like to share that feeling with others: I obviously must present these images to you as well. As far as I can tell, the drawings are old news that can be tracked back to the deviantART page for someone called davidkawena, who has clearly stumbled upon a niche market for Disney fetishists. Yes, that first one is supposed to be John Smith from Pocahontas. I've also re-posted a seriously buffed out David from Lilo and Stitch, so you too can exclaim "nonsense, he doesn't have a nipple ring!", or you can just see them all here. Yes, i can't really control my immature laughter right now.


  1. hehehehehehehhe :D
    Check the pouch on that guy! (second one)

    I feel that i need to wash my eyes now or something.



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