Friday, October 30, 2009


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It's been awhile, i blame midterm papers and special occasions, basically in that order. That and a slow news week. When the best things I've seen in the pop culture sphere in days are both Star Wars themed, you've gotta wonder. Anyway, the Today show apparently had their Halloween episode today. During a decorating segment, two rabble rousing Ewoks caused a scene. Rumor has it, they were a little intoxicated when they decided to steal the show out from under its hosts. Moonwalking, fist fighting, humping Al Roker's leg. It's all there. Skip to the 2-minute mark and check it out. Then go out and buy yourself the best parody of Obama art I've seen, which i must post here though i'm so sick of that poster and its thousand other incarnations. Admiral Ackbar, ladies and gentlemen, wins the game and gets my vote.

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  1. That is the greatest piece of propaganda I've seen yet.



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