Friday, October 2, 2009

Blame it on the Recession

So, this morning, i woke up and sort of trudged down the hall and switched on CNN to see if there were any developments with the 2016 Olympics (yes, my fair city is a candidate, no, we don't want all). Instead, i was presented with in-depth analysis of a brand new David Letterman scandal. Letterman has been under fire quite a bit lately (after the Palin fiasco), but has been at a career peak after Leno's Tonight Show retirement, all things considered, CBS employee Robert "Joe" Halderman (no, not like the talking mailbox) decided that now was the time to try to make some monies by threatening to shatter Letterman's rep. So what did this idiot do? The video below will tell you that he placed a box of evidence in Letterman's car, wrote a note claiming to know all the "terrible things" Letterman has done, and tried to extort the Late Night host for $2 million. Letterman, who is obviously not an idiot, did what any reasonable person would have done and contacted the authorities. Then he went one step further and fessed up to his own wrongdoings on last night's program.

The terrible things, if we're to take Letterman's on-air confession at face value, are limited mostly to affairs with women under his employ. Skeevy, yes, but if between consensual adults, probably not "terrible". The CNN-analysis pointed out that Letterman has long had a roguish persona, and held out on marrying long-time partner Regina Lasko until this past March. While his supposedly committed status might cause him to lose some viewers in middle America, he's not exactly a moral-spewing politician who can be charged as a hypocrite and run out of town. Should we be waiting for the other shoe to drop? Probably. But right now i'd put money on Halderman being a little aggrieved after a bad break-up. According to the New York Daily News, Halderman, a producer for shows like 48 Hours recently broke up with live-in girlfriend (and Letterman staffer) Stephanie Birkitt. Birkitt has been reported as being involved previously with Letterman prior to the birth of his son in 2003. Coincidence? I'm going to guess not. Lesson in how not to earn $2 mil the easy way? Learned.

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