Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The 80's Redux Destroys My Childhood.

They've tampered with Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Littlest Pet Shop, and Popples (yes! Popples!), now some dastardly villain has decided to update Rainbow Brite for the 21st century. For shame! The Hallmark corporation has re-imagined Rainbow Brite and just a few of her friends, transforming them into pre-teen anime nymphettes with flowing hair and Sailor Moon style. Shiver. Starlite and the Sprites may look close enough to the old models (though Starlite reads a little like the Last Unicorn), but the makeover irritates me. Why is it that every perfectly innocent toy aimed at little girls has to be made into something resembling a long-legged teenager? I know kids grow up fast these days, but do all of their toys need to reinforce that? When I was in my preschool and elementary years, I could identify on some level with these characters. They were imaginary friends in my age bracket, not something I aspired to model myself after. Isn't it possible to update their chunky snowsuits and hairstyles without losing the fact that Brite, Tickled Pink, and Moonglow (yes, that's Moonglow, not Shy Violet with contacts) are self-governing child revolutionaries?

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