Friday, September 4, 2009

Things That Make Me Giddily Content and Yet, Still Bitter.

All About Steve, the embarrassingly awful looking Sandra Bullock film that's been pushed relentlessly in the commercial breaks during Project Runway, is actually as embarrassingly awful as it appears. 46 reviews in on Rotten Tomatoes and we're at a 00% approval rating. I can't help the surges of relief and self-justification i'm feeling. I just wanted to hate that movie and that character that much. What a shame that Sandra Bullock, who's otherwise likable, keeps limiting herself to roles in slapstick romantic comedies and bland dramas. Time to learn, Sandra. Take this as a lesson or you'll go the way of Meg Ryan. It's a dangerous ledge you're standing on.

I'm thinking the only reason All About Steve got pushed through to theatrical release is the enormous success of supporting male Bradley Cooper's other summer vehicle, The Hangover. That must be it, right? Otherwise, why else would they be wasting space at all 5 or so of my local theaters to play this clunker instead of Cold Souls, In the Loop, or Thirst? Pfft. Bitter. If this film lands in first or second place at the box office, i'm afraid i'm going to have to move elsewhere.

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