Saturday, September 12, 2009

Novelty Treats: Drawn Gunn

Marvel recently released the first issue of its sartorially themed comic book series "Models Inc." (not related to the Aaron Spelling drama) starring a host of fashion forward ladies from the now Disney-owned pantheon of characters. Millie the Model, Hellcat, and Mary Jane will be teaming up to fight crime in style. But the real headliner? Issue one features Project Runway's much-loved Tim Gunn as he saves a fashion exhibition by putting on Iron Man's armor. Oh, Tim Gunn. Adorable. According to the New York Times, Gunn has a closeted past as a comic fan and at a recent signing of issue #1 participated in enthusiastic discussions on the semiotics of superhero costume design. Brilliant. Make it work, Tim, make it work. Edna Mode would approve...

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