Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If I Picked the VMA's.

As mentioned previously, the VMA's are nonsense, less about artistry and more about hype. They're essentially one big commercial in which awards are doled out to a medium established as a means of advertisement. Promotion on top of promotion. Fun to watch, but of little consequence. While youtube has given new life to a different sort of music video, MTV corporate isn't much interested in pretending they care. So, without further ado, i present to you the videos from the past year or so that I would have considered deserving of public over-exposure (with only a couple repeats).

1. Beyonce / "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)"

Beyoncé - Single Ladies from minas on Vimeo.

So simple, and yet so intricately choreographed you can't look away. Surprisingly effective and really just awesome. It's true, this is the best...unless you go slightly further which case it's:

2. Lykke Li / "I'm Good, I'm Gone"

Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

Eerie Kubrickian minimalism meets rhythmic indie pop and gives birth to an atmosphere that's as cinematically gorgeous as it is creepy.

3. Metronomy / "A Thing for Me"

A Thing For Me from Metronomy on Vimeo.

Oooo, an electro pop repetitive sing-a-long! Follow the bouncing ball...everywhere!

4. Goldfrapp / "Happiness"

Goldfrapp - Happiness from Mute Records on Vimeo.

If only because it does what it's supposed to.

5. Janelle Monae / "Many Moons"

Deftly delivers a concept, a story, and a persona in one swoop.

6. Gnarls Barkley / "Who's Gonna Save My Soul"

Who's Gonna Save My Soul from T-Tags on Vimeo.

What can i say? I'm a sucker for anthropomorphizing objects.

7. Fever Ray / "If I Had A Heart"

If I Had A Heart from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Doesn't it make you nervous? Like, a little bit? Just, not so comfortable?

8. M83 / "Kim and Jessie"

M83 - Kim and Jessie from Mute Records on Vimeo.

A perfect fit. Innocent and nostalgic without becoming overwhelmingly hipster.

9. Lady GaGa / "Beautiful Dirty Rich" and "Paparazzi"

Lady Gaga - Beautiful Dirty Rich from Bruninha*Brubis on Vimeo.

Standard pop videos taken to extravagant and absurd high fashion heights. Strangely, MTV felt they needed to honor the generic "Poker Face" instead.

10. MGMT / "Kids"

Monsters! Joanna Newsom!

11. Rihanna / "Disturbia"

Rihanna - Disturbia from Olgu Sengul on Vimeo.

I'm so serious: this wasn't nominated for any VMA's. I mean, really? Doesn't this seem like a completely obvious choice? Rihanna does Blade Runner and MTV doesn't care? WTF.

12. She & Him / "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here"

She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? from Toolshed Media on Vimeo.

Zooey Deschanel being charming in a way that's not wholly expected.

13. Vampire Weekend / "Oxford Comma"

A talk and walk Wes Anderson style.

14. Bat for Lashes / "Daniel"

Bat For Lashes - Daniel (HD) from Peter Pan on Vimeo.

15. The Mountain Goats / "Sax Rohmer #1"

A different sort of sing-a-long!

Runners Up: "Zero"/Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Treat Me Like your Mother"/Dead Weather, "A Volta"/N.A.S.A., "Two Weeks"/Grizzly Bear, "Happy Up Here"/Royksopp

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