Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chuck Bass Would Not Approve.

I'm going to venture a guess here and argue that Chuck Bass wouldn't approve of real-life actor Ed Westwick's recent excursion to the tattoo parlor. I also don't approve. I mean, look at that ugly thing defiling his arm! I understand pin-up tattoos, they're classic, as things go, but this is a poorly drawn, poorly placed mess topped off by an idiotic and nonsensical catchphrase. "She's a pinup"? Who's a pin-up? To make matters worse, this is just one half of Westwick's inked additions. The other arm is graced with a giant ass feather quill (can you tell that i'm regularly very cynical and critical of other people's decisions when it comes to tattoo art?). Really? Really? Where'd you find your tattoo artist, dude, prison? Craigslist? A trailer park? Normally, this wouldn't be post-worthy, but it's obviously a horrible shame that someone so naturally pretty would defile their arms in such a manner. Small tragedy. Regrets, Chuck Bass, you will have them. Yes, i'm not entirely serious. [Source: ONTD]

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