Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The 80's Redux Will Not Die

Randomly premiering at the Venice Film Festival last night was a pseudo-sequel to 1984's cult classic Repo Man entitled Repo Chick. Repo Chick is actually written and directed by Alex Cox, the man responsible for the original film and is inexplicably produced by David Lynch. Starring the unknown Jaclyn Jonet, it's shot almost entirely on a green screen on a super-indie budget. Jonet plays a rich brat named Pixxi de la Chasse (for reals) who decides to make a quick buck in the repo business after being cut off by her parents. The film is supposedly a total hodge-podge in eye poppingly bright fluff & puff colors. Variety's early review provides a quick sense of what we're dealing with with this line: "A wacky blend of leftist, anti-establishment politics, eye-searing colors, outre costumes and manic overacting, "Repo Chick" could be likened to what you would get if Michael Moore directed an episode of Nick Jr.kiddie series "Lazy Town." In other words, it's fun but all over the map, an oddity that will prove an acquired taste for some, but way too annoying for others. "
All i see is a cross between Sleepover, Spy Kids, and, well, Repo Man. Yes, i'm sold. I will watch this nonsense. I probably won't like it, but i'll watch it.

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