Friday, August 28, 2009

Seen & Heard: Massive Attack's "Splitting the Atom"

Trip-hop godparents Massive Attack are kicking off their slow return to the scene with a 4-song EP due out in October entitled "Splitting the Atom". This is the first real taste of any solid body of new material from the band since 2005's 100th Window (which personally, i could take or leave), and hints at a bevy of new collaborators. Not bad. Sounds like they're up to their old tricks, and well, it's perfect for the rain i'm currently experiencing.

01 "Splitting The Atom" (Feat. The 3D, Daddy G, and Horace Andy)
02 "Pray For Rain" (Feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
03 "Psyche (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix)" (Feat. Martina Topley Bird)
04 "Bulletproof Love (Christoff Berg Remix)" (Feat. Guy Garvey)

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