Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Don't worry, it's not an emergency, it's just the title of the only Jonas Brothers song i know. It seemed appropriate, since this is a Jonas Brothers post. If you're like "who the hell are the Jonas Brothers?" than it's probably best if you just look away. Kevin Jonas, who's all of 21 years old and shares a deep connection with the Jesus, has done what 65% of deeply committed/repressed Christian kids do and asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage. This was news to me because i didn't know he had a girlfriend. But apparently he does, and her name is Danielle Deleasa, and she used to be a hairdresser. I had money on him being gay. I was so totally sure. But the hairdresser thing makes me think this is actually a business deal. A merger, if you will. Since the Jonai take such pride in their hair care.

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