Friday, July 31, 2009

Return of the Scott

Alien (1979) is one of my favorite movies. Ever. I grew up with it, and for me, it's the best in the series. Aliens might have more action, but Alien is beautiful. It's dark, slow, and dripping with a pitch-perfect Giger atmosphere that's had so much influence on sci-fi horror it's almost ridiculous. It's sort of like Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, only with an acid-spitting vicious monster instead of heavy philosophy.

With this in mind, i can accept the rest of the Quadrilogy (though with a heavy sigh) but have a tendency to Hulk out with latent nerd rage when confronted with the Alien Versus Predator films. I realize they're a perfectly fun concept, but they're a total destruction of the original franchise. Yes, even Alien Resurrection is better than AVP. This is why I've been following news of an Alien prequel with some interest. Director Ridley Scott, the man responsible for Alien in its original incarnation, was set to produce with commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch at the helm. Twentieth Century Fox, however, nixed the plan, unhappy with Scott's choice. Today it was announced that Scott himself will be directing the Alien prequel.

You'd think i'd be happy, but i'm honestly not so sure. Yes, i feel better about having Scott in control, but i don't quite understand why we need an Alien prequel at all. Presumably, it will be Ellen Ripley-less (that means no Sigourney Weaver) and will focus on the planetoid who sent the distress call the Nostromo answers. Which is interesting, i guess, but....meh. Also, it seems that this may be a precursor to an actual series Reboot...which would be THE MOST UNNECESSARY REBOOT EVER. Don't do it, Fox, do not do it. Don't you remember the Phantom Menace? Seriously, we don't need an improved version, it's already perfect. Also, Scott hasn't made a decent film in a few years, and he hasn't touched science fiction since 1982's Blade Runner (which i also love). Can we trust an out-of-his-prime Ridley Scott? I don't know.

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  1. oh piffle, aliens is clearly the best of the series. best vietnam movie in space ever. aliens is a pleasant horror film but really, not nearly as realized as aliens.

    i have no real hope for this franchise anymore outside of videogames. avp3 could be awesome.



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