Friday, June 19, 2009


I've already written enough to clearly be sort of obsessed with Lars Von Trier's yet-to-be-released meltdown on film Antichrist. What with all the mixed buzz that surrounded its Cannes premiere and the talks of genital mutilation and all sorts of extreme cinema horrifying business, the more i hear the more i know i must see this film.

But now new news has surfaced, which i find even more puzzling and odd than previous snippets. Antichrist is being developed as a videogame titled Eden, which seems both totally unnecessary and sort of possibly awesome. /Film reports that the game is being produced by Morten Iverson, the dude responsible for the Hitman series. Iverson has big plans for Eden. the game "will be a first-person thriller/adventure game that invites players to confront their fears....the experience will be “strong and very personal,” “controversial” and that it “…must be your own personal hell - a bit like a nightmare version of ‘Myst’" [Source]. To make things even crazier, the game will apparently download and incorporate bizarre news stories from the real world.

Sounds bad ass, until you remember that this is a movie its stars claim is sort of pornographic. I hear it has male & female genital mutilation, dead babies, masturbation out in the woods, and deep, deep psychological pain. Then i start to worry.

Also, Morten Iverson...i'm pretty sure Myst already was sort of a nightmare. A very. quiet. nightmare. All that empty space. All those clanging mysterious noises. If something had jumped out at me during that game, i probably would have gone into cardiac arrest. So sure about this.

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  1. I think this will be worth multiple road trips so that we can view both film and video game together. I may need someone to hold my hand when I find myself unable to turn away.



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