Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seen and Heard: MGMT

Annnnnndddd roughly one year after it made its way onto every college kid's iPod and into every reasonably hip store's muzak mix, MGMT releases a music video for their standout track "Kids". With Cronenbergian monstrosities, blood smeared zombie beasts, an almost unrecognizable Joanna Newsom, a psychedelic cartoon, and a child who will most certainly fall victim to night terrors in the near future...it's a safe bet that between the mushrooms and acid they've been eating, time has folded in upon itself and the band thinks they just dropped their album yesterday. Alas, while not necessarily timely, it's worth a look. The end, i find, is better than the beginning.

Does the animated imagery remind anyone else of their childhood pencil collection?

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