Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP: Michael Jackson

If you don't already know, you live under a rock, but i'm posting this anyway, as the story is too huge to be ignored. Controversial "King of Pop" Michael Jackson slipped into cardiac arrest today and died at age 50 in a Los Angeles hospital. Jackson, whose career had been in decline since the outbreak of numerous scandals, was poised for yet another comeback beginning with a series of concerts slated for a London opening July 13. The performer's death comes as something of a shock the world round, and is likely to throw radio stations and entertainment television (i'm looking at you, MTV, VH1, and E!) into an endless cycle of memorium programming.

The New York Times is reporting that impromptu vigils have broken out already, "from Portland, Ore., where fans organized a one-gloved bike ride (“glittery costumes strongly encouraged”) to Hong Kong, where fans gathered with candles and sang his songs in unison." [source]. Jackson is survived by three mysterious children, a legacy, and intense speculation as to his personal affairs. We're just hearing the beginning of it, folks.

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