Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random: Hookers For Jesus still hook up with Rock Stars for Jesus

One: No, I didn't make this image. That's the real logo for Hookers for Jesus, a group that sounds like a joke but which is in reality only a joke to hell-bound folks like yours truly, and also a ministry founded on the fairly reasonable Christian belief that everyone should be accepted regardless of past indiscretions, and that the sex trade is bad bad bad.

Two: Christian metal really exists too. It's not just a myth. Supposedly. The jury might still be out on that one. You know, since heavy metal is a tool of Satan and stuff, and he's a tricky bastard. He might be disguising his evil ways underneath banner of "christian rock" (oxymoron. for many reasons. like, Jesus is supposed to be their rock, so, what sort of rock is...oh never mind).

Three: Just as in the secular world, Christian sex industry workers still hook up with Christian rock stars as word on the streets is that former Vegas call girl and HfJ founder Annie Lobert got hitched to 80's faith based guitarist for Stryper (who?) Oz Fox this past weekend in Sin City.

....rrriiiiiggghhhhttt. Good for them.

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