Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Surprises.

For those of you who believed that Jon and Kate Gosselin weren't having marital issues, i'm about to blow your fucking mind. OMG, reality competition enthusiasts: the Glambert has confirmed his obvious homosexuality. That's right, 27-year old American Idol runner-up and power vocalist Adam Lambert, who glues rhinestones to his eyelids, worked in a drag club, and was recently spotted arm in arm with a male companion, officially confirmed his man love to Rolling Stone magazine. Dude. I don't even watch American Idol and I knew that. All i typically saw of the show was last five minutes as it slipped into overtime and disrupted Fringe (which you should all be catching up on in the summer months). He also reveals that his decision to audition for such a silly television show was a drug induced one while loaded out of his mind at Burning Man. Oh, Glambert. If you manage to produce a debut album that isn't self-titled and doesn't feature sappy ballads, you might actually manage to blow my mind. That or, you know, you could start having illicit relations with Jon Gosselin. Mind. Blown. Epic.

Wait, why is there both a snake and a butterfly near his crotch?

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