Friday, May 1, 2009

You're Not Really Surprised, Right?

For those of you who are blissfully ignorant, Jon & Kate Plus 8 is one of TLC's top programs. They air and re-air it in an infinite nightmarish loop. It's a major player in the world of reality television. The titular Jon and Kate Gosselin, of course, are a couple who found themselves giving birth to a small army of 8 children (one set of twins, one set of sextuplets). The show is a favorite among mothers and those who find this sort of extreme child rearing charming and appealing. That said, it is not viewed by me.

But when i have watched it (and i admit that i have) in bits and pieces the one feature that has always stuck out to me as the most obvious and entertaining aspect of the show is that in the confessional sequences (when Jon & Kate address the camera without a billion screaming children) the couple looks absolutely, 100%, miserable. Of course, the sadist in me finds this hysterical and (given the show's audience) highly ironic.

In the instances I have seen, Jon is always being reprimanded and Kate usually sits with her arms crossed. It looks like they're in for marriage counseling, not raking in the big bucks with their happy, ecstatic brood.

Now, as you likely know, the media is in an uproar over rumors that Jon Gosselin may be cheating on his darling Kate. The story goes that Jon has been repeatedly spotted partying with unidentified females. In fact, photos have surfaced of Jon living a nightclub around 2 AM with a pretty young thing at the wheel. Oh my! Scandal! Jon claims he, like most people, has "male and female friends" and implies this is no biggie. Honestly, i don't care one way or the other....but what i do find shocking is that so many people seem to actually be surprised by any of this.

Really? Which part? Are you watching the same show i've seen? No. I don't think you are. These are not happy people. This relationship has been doomed since the cameras started rolling. Let's watch them talk about how they met:

At the end, when she says "We were young" doesn't it seem like it's really taking a lot for them to not say "and stupid"? They seem like different people in their home movies, but just barely. There's not much fond remembrance, but a hell of a lot of things they would like to change.

I know i'm a cynic, but come on, it can't just be me. What say you: Jon & Kate Gosselin....miserable or merely jaded, apathetic, and exhausted?

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  1. I'm glad someone else feels this way. I find myself entranced by this show, because of their odd relationship; it doesn't feel very good. It seems like they both are stuck and unhappy. He's bored and apathetic, and she's totally worn out. The google password thing wants me to type "sessad" to prove I'm a human. Ironically, it makes sense. It wants me to say "so sad." Poor kids. Not only will their parent's divorce be here for all to see, but so will them getting so excited the first time they pooped in a toilet.



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