Monday, May 11, 2009

Trailer: Princess and the Frog

Good news for fans of old school Disney 2D animation: it's not dead yet! A slightly longer trailer for return-to-form The Princess and the Frog has surfaced online, and it looks promising. Better yet? The entire film (though partially in uncolored storyboards) was screened for test audiences over the weekend...and the feedback was extremely positive. Citizen reviewers, according to sites like Ain't it Cool are claiming to "love" the film, its New Orleans/voodoo soaked twist on the classic tale, and the heroine, Princess Tiana (Disney's first African American addition to its princess crew).

Let's hope it lives up to the advance praise. The Princess and the Frog marks the first Disney traditionally animated film since 2004's forgettable Home on the Range. The studio's goal is to continue releasing one 2D animated film every few years, with CGI-flicks roughly once per year (this does not include Pixar) in between. Upcoming CGI outing include 2010's Rapunzel and King of the Elves, currently slated for 2012. Rapunzel, unlike previous Disney CGI ventures, is said to be seeking an oil on canvas, "warmer" 2D type look. The concept art, seen below, also suggests Disney may truly be entering another renaissance without the help of Pixar. Took them long enough.

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