Saturday, May 9, 2009

Take Notes, Lindsay...

And the award for the most creative and effective transition from child to adult celebrity goes to Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe (19). First he stripped down in an award winning, legitimately serious role in sexualized horse-play Equus. Now, he's supposedly completely "fascinated" by his new drag queen bff, Our Lady J, and the culture that surrounds her. She's said to be known for her passionate renditions of her own songs, as well as covers of Alanis & Dolly. The boy wizard and queen met while Radcliffe was in regular performances of Equus, and since they've been spotted palling around NYC quite a bit. Partying it up "arm in arm" [according to].

Good for you Daniel. Not only have you managed to prove you have an open mind, but you've also managed to eschew transforming yourself into a flash & trash rehab-bound ex-child star. Just don't, please, go all Tommy Gnossis.

If you're as curious as i was, here's Our Lady J performing her song "Trouble"

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