Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Revolution #9/9/09

September 9, 2009. Remember that date. Remember it well. It is the official start date for yet another round of Beatlemania. For that is the date that millions will line up in front of Best Buy outlets nationwide hoping to purchase The Beatles: Rock Band. Oh yes. It will be beautiful. Finally, an edition of Rock Band that every single person i know may be content playing. Even my mother. "I Am the Walrus" better be on there. Seriously.

Additionally, if you're a non-gaming purist, EMI and Apple Corps Ltd. have also announced that 9/9 will be the date that the digitally remastered editions of all 12 of the band's albums will be released. Each one will be packaged with replicated album art, "rare" photos, and also contain a documentary on the process of recording that particular work. Honestly, i never had much of a problem with the sound quality on any of my old discs (or records), but the White Album in 7.1 surround could be quite lovely.

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