Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dora the Explorer Grows Up...

If you have contact with any sort of child under the age of 8, you're aware of the existence of Dora the Explorer. Earlier this year it was announced that a tween Dora would be making her debut in an effort to capture a slightly older market (and sell some fashion dolls). Now, we have seen the face of 10 year old Dora, and it is not to be trusted...

Compare/Contrast? Hit the jump.

Hmmm. 10-years old, eh? I'd put her face more at 17. Mattel claims she isn't wearing any makeup, but i suspect she's got a secret stash on the side. She certainly is into the accessories and ballet flats, which will really hold her back on her explorations, unless she's just navigating the troubled waters of adolescence. I'd love to see her teach Spanish phrases like "I just got my period" or "I have a massive crush on Juan."

Also, apparently Dora is the offspring of Danica McKeller. Winnie Cooper, anyone?

Aaaaaand just for fun...

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