Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seen and Heard: Janelle Monae

I feel like a gigantic dunce cap for not checking out Janelle Monae ages ago. She's had Grammy nominations and been around for a few years, but somehow she always slipped just under my radar. Well, i picked up a copy of Spin in a waiting room a few days ago and decided that maybe it's actually time to listen. Wise choice. 24-year old Monae is like the style child of Prince and Grace Jones who was given up for adoption and raised by OutKast. Her new album is said to be inspired by Fritz Lang's silent classic Metropolis and she counts any number of eclectic influences including Bjork and Radiohead. The video for "Many Moons" (the Grammy nominated track) is a must see and even though it's a little late....i've decided i need to share.

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