Friday, March 13, 2009

Ruining Things: Iron Man 2

You may or may not be aware of the endless casting rumors and negotiations surrounding Iron Man 2. First, somebody found out that the next part of Mickey Rourke's resurgence would be alongside Sam Rockwell as villains Whiplash and the Crimson Dynamo. Then the Sam Rockwell rumors completely disappeared and we were left with a denial of Rourke's appearance in the film. Emily Blunt was lined up for the role of 'Soviet'-spy villain Black Widow, but that fell through and opened up new options. In between all of this, Don Cheadle replaced divo-extraordinaire Terence Howard (likely for the better) as 'Rhodey'.

Now E!Online is reporting that deals have officially been signed, and the good news is that Mickey Rourke will indeed be playing Whiplash. The maybe not-so-good news? Scarlett Johansson is your new Black Widow.

Oh dear. Don't get me wrong, for all practical purposes i like ScarJo. She's been in a couple films that i absolutely loved (Lost in Translation, for one, of course), but she's not really a great actress and tends to clamp up. Granted, as a summer action flick, Iron Man 2 doesn't necessarily require a 'great actress', but i'm just saying...she made The Spirit worse than it already was...and in this film she's gonna have to do a Russian accent. She could be to Iron Man what Katie Holmes was to Batman Begins, that piece that doesn't quite fit.

What do you think?

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