Wednesday, March 18, 2009


English actress Natasha Richardson has died this evening after being removed from life support. The 45-year old Tony winner was hospitalized this past Monday as a result of injuries sustained during a beginner's ski lesson in Montreal. She was transported to New York's Lenox Hill Hospital yesterday where she was declared brain dead.

Richardson is survived by her husband (Liam Neeson), two sons, and mother (actress Vanessa Redgrave) all of whom are reported to be (as expected) "shocked and devastated" by E!Online. Richardson was a major player on the stage and has numerous film credits to her name.

This is completely tragic. I can honestly say that i'm really upset by this. I can also say that i am officially never going skiing. Ever.



  1. Brain hemmorage - blood leaked into her epidural space. Apparently you feel like your fine, but your brain is bleeding. And then everything goes downhill REALLY fast. Yay boyfriend in med school.

  2. this was a huge shock.. I mean really. I feel horrible for her family.



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