Thursday, March 26, 2009

one day you're in (court/prison/trouble)... and the next day you're out.

Incredibly obnoxious (and backstabbing) Project Runway finalist Kenley Collins has responded to the assault charges filed against her by ex-fiance Zak Penley that led to her March 17th arrest.

Collins admits to "gently" throwing her cat during a dispute (with Penley, not the feline) but that's it. Penley claims otherwise and then some, saying the "initial toss was followed by a laptop, three apples, and some water" [source].

The charge has been reportedly reduced to a misdemeanor, and reads as absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me. But hilarious. Hilarious ridiculous. Hilarious, ridiculous, and likely quite accurate. Based on her back and forth behavior on reality TV, this sort of temperamental flair doesn't strike me as surprising.

Collins, known for her retro pin-up girl style and grating personality, made it to Bryant Park in Project Runway season 5, and was rightly defeated by Leanne Marshall.

Bias. I gots it.


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