Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seen and Heard: NEW Patrick Wolf

Mad-eclectic old favorite Patrick Wolf has recently released the video for his track "Vulture" off upcoming album The Bachelor. A note, the video has some S&M themes in it and may not be safe for work (this is, of course, depending on where you work...).

As per usual, Wolf is dipping into about a dozen genres at once, taking cues from 80's new wave, death metal, industrial, synth pop, and electronica. He's slowly establishing himself as quite the musical chameleon. Wolf's music can be jarring at first, but I've always loved the way he creates densely layered (almost cinematic) soundscapes blended with a performance art aesthetic and have found that his music is the sort that slowly reveals itself as something rather beautiful. Not for everyone, but if you're appreciating it, i'd definitely recommend going back and taking a look at the dark electro-fairy folk of his sophomore album, The Wind in the Wires.

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