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Guest-Listology: Shookster of Nerd Synthesis Gives Us His Top 10 Movies of Influence

In the first of what will (hopefully) be many guest appearances at Pop Candy Arcade, i've invited one of my blogosphere .compatriots to compile a list of the 10 movies that influenced them the most. This first one is by Shookster of Nerd Synthesis, who, as a person self-proclaimed to be 'too ADD to be a movie person' has nailed down a list of the films that have helped make him the person he is. If you knew'd probably know why this is awesome.

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"Well, since my blog has a theme of video games and comic books I decided to stick with the theme. Here is my list of the top 10 video game/comic book movies that influenced my life."

10. DOOM: Gun toting Sarge (yes, that's the name of the main character, he doesn’t get a real name), played by The Rock, must shoot everything in sight to save humanity. This is a straightforward, campy film that is an embarrassment to all movies and its only saving grace is an ending filmed from a first person shooter perspective. On the bright side, like any good horror movie, taking bets on who will survive can be very lucrative.

9. DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE: I can’t give this movie enough glowing praise. Flying ninjas that jump of mountains, an Australian pop singer doing her best rendition of acting while in a towel, and the most contrived excuse for everyone to strip down and play a game of volleyball in movie history...RIDICULOUS! These are just some of the reasons why DOA is amazingly bad, yet soooooooo good at the same time.

8. MORTAL KOMBAT: Down, forward, high punch!!! You know that’s what you were thinking when Sub Zero started shooting ice beams. Corny lines peppered this film, but after watching the movie I did want to play some Mortal Kombat. The movie based on a video game that made mothers cringe could have been a lot gorier for my taste, but I’ll let that slide since it was actually decent.

7. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II: Who didn’t love TMNT, or, have a least one of their action figures when they were a kid? Seeing my favorite cartoon come to life was a dream come true. Highlights of the movie included fights with Tokka and Rahzar and an appearance by our favorite 90‘s rapper wannabe: Vanilla Ice. Even though my first memory of the the Ninja Turtles was their 80’s cartoon, they were originally created as comic book heroes and that’s how they were able to make the list.

6. FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILREN: I really liked the animation in this movie and that’s a lot coming from me. I’m a firm believer that CGI movies killed the classically animated cartoon movies that I love so much and if Final Fantasy made this list it did something right. The fight scenes were amazingly choreographed, the dialogue felt like it was pulled straight from the game (whether that’s good or bad is up for debate), and seeing how the pixilated heroes had aged was a great treat.

5. SPAWN: Scared the crap out of me! Assassins, war, and HELL!!!! To this day I don’t know how my underage self got into the theaters to see it. I’m sure there were many other plot points to Spawn, but my brain did its best to forget the movie so the nightmares would go away. Even now, all I really remember are green eyes, brimstone, and John Leguizamo running around as an obese psychotic clown.

4. SPIDER-MAN 2: Spider-man is my favorite comic book hero and I’d been waiting for him to swing onto the silver screen since I saw the original batman movie in the early 90’s. Spider-man 1 was good, but the second installment did everything better with fluid animation, dramatic cut scenes, and a gripping story.

3. THE DARK KNIGHT: It’s sooooo incredibly long, but the story was good enough to keep this ADD kid in his seat through the entire movie. What made me fall in love with the Dark Knight was the theme of chaos (the Joker) vs. order (Batman) and how both sides played off each other. Plus, who didn’t like learning a new magic trick: “How to make a pencil disappear”

2. V FOR VENDETTA: This is one of the rare movies that I actually really liked and would place in the top 3 of my list of favorite movies of all time. The music, the art direction, the plot, and themes all worked seamlessly to present a world deprived of individuality and asked what is required create change in any society. Truly inspiring.

1. SUPER MARIO BROS.: This is the movie that started it all for video game and comic book movies alike. Quite frankly, it was a terrible movie that took a lot of liberty with the Super Mario franchise. But it was the first, so something has to be said about that. Despite it being terrible the movie did answer the burning question, “Why are they called the Mario Bros.???” Luigi played by John Leguizamo said it all, “He’s Mario Mario and I’m Luigi Mario.”

And that’s my top 10 video game/comic book movies. If you liked what you read check out my blog

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