Monday, March 16, 2009

Back in the Day #6: Spiller ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor

Dude. I am not even kidding, i went to the Virgin Megastore and bought some Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi discs just because of this song. Yeah. I started blindly snatching up on sale compilation albums just because they featured Spiller. It was crazy. And guess what? I was always disappointed, because a straight instrumental version of Groovejet doesn't cut it. You need to have the vocal stylings of UK popster Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who has no further collaborations with Spiller (as far as i know). But i was a slow learner back then, and now i have a small collection of useless house albums that i never really listened to (though i may have to dig them up from the basement now and see whether or not there's anything on there worth salvaging).

This was a fun summer song, though. Smooth, slick, next generation disco with an old school vibe. It makes me want to hop a plane to somewhere with a few palm trees, invest in a gold
lamé swimsuit, and drink daiquiris in a lounge chair. Possibly while wearing a large hat.

Sidenote: I still love the packaging of those Hed Kandi albums (illustrated by Jason Brooks). I know they're pretty much made for people who vacation to Ibiza and landlocked toolbags with gelled hair and a great admiration for DJ Tiesto, but damn they're snazzy.

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