Friday, March 6, 2009

Back in the Day #5: Groove Armada

About 10 years ago (holy crap, i'm getting old) i became completely obsessed with the Fatboy Slim remix of Groove Armada's "I See You Baby". It exploded onto the scene as one of those tracks sampled in everything from commercials to episodes of "Popular" and i bought their album Vertigo the first time i happened upon it in stores. That song spawned many instantaneous dance parties. It's safe to say, in fact, that in any dj-involved situation for the next year (and that includes Y2K NYE, thank you) i was the annoying little girl harassing the rent-a-dj until he played it (that and, inexplicably, "Incense and Peppermints"). Edited versions were not appreciated.

Of course, while "I See You Baby" was the dance single, my favorite track off the album is undoubtedly "At the River", a downtempo number that samples Patti Page's "Old Cape Cod". "At the River" has had a longer life in my music collection, perhaps because i burned out on the other, perhaps because it's just a lovely song. Either way, i can't mention one without the other. Thus, i present to you a music video double feature of my gateway drug into a brief teenage flirtation with house and a love affair with chill.

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  1. ahhhhh get funky with it!

    Yep.. I remember this :-) Almost in a Mitsubishi Commercial....almost :-)



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