Friday, February 6, 2009

Single White Mother

You know, on my planet, anyone who wants more than two kids is a little on the questionable side. Ok, on my planet, anyone who wants kids at all is strange (my own mother swears up and down i'll grow out of this). But Nadya Suleman, aka: Octo-Mom, qualifies as a new type of disconcerting. We've heard all the media rumors: obsessed with children, living with her mom (who basically started a sentence saying "my daughter's not crazy but..."), has 6 other kids already (all via in vitro), etc etc.

But now we have a visual. Hmmm. I suspect if we search Nadya's closet we might find some kind of shrine to Angelina Jolie. Hmmm.

QUICK! Let's all jump to gossipy conclusions.

Meanwhile, i'll go have nightmares about giving birth to a litter.

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