Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knee-Jerk Reaction: Oscars

30-minutes over, but i'm not complaining. The Oscars was every bit the spectacle it should be and then some.

Love: The stage construction, on-deck orchestra, crystal curtain, and shifting screens.

Supporting Actress nod for the deserving Penelope Cruz.

Hugh Jackman's happy-go-lucky (yet slightly silly) hosting antics.

The intimate round table presentation of the acting awards.

The beyond brilliant movie making process storyline & presentation of the (usually) less than thrilling technical awards.

Judd Apatow's short film for 2008 Comedy.

Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix. Unexpected. Possibly his best performance in years.

The gushing cult of Meryl. That woman deserves it.

The overwhelming number of sequins. I don't normally do this, but i really feel a best dressed post coming on....

Not Loving: Sean Penn beating out Mickey Rourke for Best Actor. Really?

The weird and rather uncomfortable "musical is back" song and dance number, and Best Song cut up. Beyonce & Hugh Jackman don't make a great team. Also, singing selections from Grease while razzle-dazzled out just doesn't work. Awkward...

Incredibly awkward: Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black presenting the animation awards. Bad jokes, shaking hands, I almost felt bad for Aniston as she humiliated herself while directly in the regal line of sight of Brangelina. Also, who thought having someone present an award that they're actually involved with was a good idea?

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