Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Entertainment Weekly, You Effed Up!

So last week Entertainment Weekly put together this bogus list of the 50 Greatest Active Film Directors and every single cinephile on the planet stood up in collective opposition and yelled out "Entertainment Weekly, Imma Cut you". True story. It is, without a doubt, one of the worst and most insulting definitive lists i have ever seen put out by an otherwise credible source. It was likely the pet project of some teenager who works in the mail room. It is so bad, in fact, that i have delayed responded because i couldn't look at it. Why? Well, to begin with....

- It omits Terry Gilliam, Mike Nichols, Gus Van Sant, Werner Herzog, Lars Von Trier, and Michel Gondry.

- It puts Jon Favreau, Zack Snyder, Sam Raimi, and Judd Apatow on the list, and that's not all....they're ahead of Woody Allen, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Spike Lee, David Cronenberg, Miyazaki, ETC.

-J.J. Abrams...with his like 2 film credits, is on the list. Yes. Mission Impossible: III really must have been some kind of fucking masterpiece to beat out the guy that brought us Blue Velvet.

- They completely screw over the auteur directors in favor of blockbuster standards with little vision. A couple good movies does not a great director make.

- Ugh. Just hit the jump to see the list for yourself. My own, revised version will be posted soon.

(Source Pt. 1)
(Source Pt. 2)


1. Steven Spielberg
2. Peter Jackson
3. Martin Scorsese
4. Christopher Nolan
5. Steven Soderbergh
6. Ridley Scott
7. Quentin Tarantino
8. Michael Mann
9. James Cameron
10. Joel and Ethan Coen
11. Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth was good, like a more refined Devil's Backbone but what else? Not much.)
12. David Fincher
13. Tim Burton
14. Judd Apatow (I'd argue he's a better writer/producer than director)
15. Sam Raimi
16. Zack Snyder
17. Darren Aronofsky
18. Danny Boyle (Pre-Slumdog, they never would have let him get this far)
19. Clint Eastwood
20. Ron Howard
21. Ang Lee
22. Paul Thomas Anderson
23. Paul Greengrass
24. Pedro Almodóvar
25. Jon Favreau
26. Woody Allen
27. Brad Bird
28. David Cronenberg
29. Sofia Coppola
30. Bryan Singer
31. Sam Mendes
32. Mel Gibson
33. The Wachowski Brothers
34. J.J. Abrams
35. Alfonso Cuaron
36. Hayao Miyazaki
37. Mike Leigh
38. Oliver Stone
39. Roman Polanski
40. Spike Jonze
41. Richard Linklater
42. Spike Lee
43. David Lynch
44. Wong Kar-Wai
45. Wes Anderson
46. Mira Nair
47. Andrew Stanton
48. Michael Moore
49. Mary Harron
50. Sidney Lumet
And here is the rest of it.

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