Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back in the Day #4: Monica

Ah yes, 1998, a time when Brandy was still in the public eye and producing chart toppers like catfight duet "The Boy is Mine" with then 18-year old Monica. Monica was positioned to rocket into the pop stratosphere, with a triple-platinum album, Grammy nods, and a string of hits, but somehow managed to fall to the wayside (she's released 3 albums since, with a 4th in 2009, but i'll be damned if i can name a song past "Angel of Mine"), as did Brandy.

But before that, in between the two aforementioned tracks, there was "First Night". With it's "Love Hangover" loop and seemingly anti-sluttist message, i ate it up as a piece of polished pop ear candy on numerous occasions as my fellow high school level math geniuses and i ironically rode the short bus back to the middle school day-in day-out. Ah yes, our bus driver was all over B96, and didn't bother to switch stations when 'dirty' tracks like Monifah's "Touch It" came on the air to corrupt our virgin ears. Those were the days of huddled giggling and listening to one wise girl explain, as if we couldn't figure it out, what Monica was referring to when she sang "i don't get down on the first night". Gasp.

And the video, don't you love the combination of fish eye lenses, baggy pants, tight t-shirts, light up floors, and back-up dancers? Takes me back.

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