Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in the Day #3: Masterboy

Oh man, who loves some awful Eurodance music? You? Good. Cause it's time to recall (or, more likely, introduce) German group Masterboy and their nonsense song "I Like to Like it" with some vocalist called Anabel Kay who (we can assume) is the blonde lady in this video. Yes, it has a video! With some sort of flying watermelon! And rocket ships! And an incredibly douchey looking guy with part of his hair dyed cherry red! Who knew? Not me!

But I like to like "I Like to Like it", do you like to like "I Like to Like it"? Maybe we all like to like it.

Anyway, this used to be one of those songs with no radio play during the day, but that was mixed in excessively during after hours programming. You know, when the Top 40 stations all suddenly become your one-stop source for bass pounding techno and where they still, inexplicably, seem to use Sonique's "It Feels So Good" for everything? That. For awhile, actually, i didn't know it was a real song. It was like a one minute loop that seemed to exist only in radio land. Internet music sites, in 2000, had not advanced to the point where it was incredibly easy to type a lyric into google and find the title of the song, so "I Like to Like It" was a figment that lived on as an earworm in my head. Of course, now it lives on a playlist with other random tracks by Technotronic, Erika, and William Orbit. Oh, 2000.

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