Monday, February 16, 2009

Back in the Day #2: Meredith Brooks

Oh, Meredith Brooks. Forget her massive hit single "Bitch". Even though i (and quite possibly every person within 15 years of my age) have done my share of in-car belting to that particular song, i never really liked it. I mean, let's face it, "Bitch" was not so much good listening as it was the musical equivalent of all those glitter stickers and self-branding t-shirts the late 90's/early 00's were famous for. Every girl was like, hell yes, I am a 'bitch'. I am a 'sinner', a 'saint', a 'diva', a 'goddess', 'sexy', a 'disco queen', and _________. And yes, if you must know, i am a tremendous bitch. Also, a disco queen. However, i did little teenage identifying with the song simply because i objected to the way it sounded (which was, essentially, like Alanis Morissette, who i despised utterly and completely from age 11 on). It was boring. So while i may have been a bitch, i had no interest in being a boring one.

So, i ignored Meredith Brooks. Which was fine, really. But she had this other single, right? That single was "What Would Happen". Now, it's not an incredibly memorable song, but it is better than "Bitch", and so, every couple years teenage me would remember that this song existed and go through brief periods of listening to it. Not once, not twice, but kind of a lot. For about a week or so. I would catch it like a cold. Ya know.

No elaborate details or anything, but when one is a rather dorky 16-year old girl and one has a crush on a boy, the song "What Would Happen" is like some sort of anthem to your hypothetical relationship. Like, "What would happen if we kissed?" Fuck, what WOULDN'T happen!? THE.WORLD.WOULD.IMPLODE. And we would be like one and it would be like perfect and OMFG ________ would be jealous. MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION POINTS. Ok. My thought process wasn't exactly like that, because at that age i read a lot of Ayn Rand, but you get the point: this song was inadvertently made for the day dreams of acne-plagued teenagers.

It's still a decent song, fairly seductive in a 90's teen movie way. And i'm still pathetic with the opposite sex. Plus, the video (which i don't think i'd really ever seen) features an oddly creepy male model type clutching at his coat like he's young Snape or something.

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