Friday, February 27, 2009

ANTM Now Accepting Previously Exiled Short People

Yes, Tyra Banks and her high-camp reality show America's Next Top Model are still on the air. In fact, cycle 12 premieres March 4, and i have to admit i will (as per usual) be watching it. In traditional ANTM form, the launching of a new season signifies the start of filming for the next season. Only this time, there's a little twist.

ANTM has, for several all 12 cycles, made a point of accepting all sorts of models. Plus size, transgendered, the works. Everyone that is, except for short people. We're no good. In fact, the casting call eligibility requirements have specifically requested that only girls 5'7" and taller show up. Funny, since Kate Moss herself wouldn't make the cut. That said, Cycle 13 will, at long last, BE OPEN TO SHORT PEOPLE and nationwide casting begins this Saturday.

If i wasn't some sort of supposedly serious grad student (and didn't have issues with on camera nudity) i might actually consider showing up for the hell of it. It always looked like fun, all the photo shoots, crazy make-up, bitchiness, and swag. I always wondered if i had someone else always taking care of my deranged hair if maybe i could manage to look presentable. Posing is another story...

I'll take lessons from Coco Rocha.

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