Friday, January 16, 2009

RIP: Andrew Wyeth

American-realist painter Andrew Wyeth, best known for his work Christina's World (pictured above) died in his sleep today at age 91.

Wyeth's work focused heavily on desolate landscapes and solitary figures while carrying heavy emotional/symbolic content. Christina's World is on display at MoMA, where it is part of the permanant collection, and while many are familiar with this piece, i feel that Wyeth was largely overshadowed by the rise of the abstract-expressionists and the coming of the pop movement. I'll admit a certain ignorance to his career as a whole. From what i can tell, his work spoke to a lost sensibibility rooted in the more traditional works of the 19th century and was/is actually quite striking.

Check it out:

A more recent painting, titled Otherworld, from 2002:

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  1. oh, i missed this. i have always held him next to edward hopper. rip, great american artist.



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