Friday, January 9, 2009


Remember this big fun last year? Ah, the months of painful reruns and reality shows, the skipped and shortened television seasons. Well, not only have we (supposedly) not yet experienced the results of the full fallout theatrically, as many of the films halted are slated for release this year, but we're not in the clear yet.

No, it's not the writers this time, but remember the strike rumblings from the Screen Actors Guild earlier in 2008? Yeah. That hasn't been resolved yet. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the divided SAG is still planning on sending out ballots for the strike vote on/after January 14th. The celebrities are divided over $$ issues regarding DVD residuals, etc.

Meanwhile, i'm bummed out because i don't get paid enough for putting up with assholes all day. That's it, i'm walking out. I'm gonna be in pictures and fight for my DVD rights. STRIKE!

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