Friday, January 9, 2009

I Better Be Watching the Watchmen...

Or i'm gonna hulk out. Major. Big time.

In more super-fun Hollywood legal news, the studio battle over the rights to Alan Moore's graphic classic The Watchmen seems to be inching closer to a predictable conclusion. You know, the inevitable solution in which Warner Bros. forks over tons of cold cash to the disappointingly greedy, awful people at Fox so that they can proceed with releasing Zack Snyder's film adaptation on March 6.
I need to see this movie so fucking bad that it hurts. Like, really, i'm having major geek attacks on all fronts. If Fox blocks this release, i'm going to cry. Also, if it's released and it sucks, i'm seriously going to cry. And then get angry. And yell a lot. And call everyone i know even though i know they don't care. And then lock myself away and live off my rage and salty tears.

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