Friday, January 16, 2009

How Did I Miss This?

Apparently, Joaquin Phoenix (who most notably played Johnny Cash in Walk the Line) decided to opt out of his acting career and focus on becoming a musician. This was last spring. I didn't get the memo. Not that i would have done much with the memo, so maybe i did receive the memo and proceeded to use it as scratch paper for drawing a a scene in which zombie-Amy Winehouse battles Rodan. This is possible.

I feel, however, that the memo in early 2008 did not include the little detail that Phoenix is not simply becoming a musician in the vein of Cash, but is transforming himself into a rap artist. Not only that, but his album is being produced by Sean Combs and his first performance is TODAY at an unnamed Las Vegas club. Casey Affleck (You know, Ben's brother? C0-star of the Ocean films and lead in Gone Baby Gone) will be directing a documentary following Joaquin's arrival on the scene.

Am i the only one who has trouble imagining this? When i think Joaquin Phoenix, i don't exactly picture a guy with the ability to spit fast-paced rhymes into a mic. If anything i could see him as the sort who picks up a black acoustic guitar and pens some horrible songs about life tragedies, lost loves, and anger management. But then again, my own rap skills have also been frequently underestimated. I too don't appear to be the type who has "OPP" down pat. Yeah.

My one hope is that the music and documentary will show us that whacked-out, possibly tripped-out Phoenix. If he includes some tracks about large frogs crawling out of his scalp and having "the sensation of [his] brain being eaten", i'm backing this 100%.

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