Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Two Reasons Why I REALLY Loathe Jennifer Aniston

I don't like Jennifer Aniston. I didn't like her on that god-awful television show she was paid too much for. I don't like 85% of the movies she chooses to star in. I don't like how everyone gushes over how 'nice' and 'normal' she seems (I am positive, POSITIVE, that she is neither, for the record, and still side firmly with Angelina Jolie on principles of manifest destiny and talent alone.). I don't even like her face.

And two new reasons not to like her? One: she's starring in that damn sappy looking dog movie that will shoot to #1 at the box office because it has puppies AND Rachel from their fave show of like all time. Two: she promotes the PG-rated dog movie by doing a photo shoot where she poses like this:

and then i puke a little bit. Ok, she has a great body for 40. But seriously, only this bitch would do an orgy-tastic photoshoot for a chick flick dog movie and justify it by having that stupid grin plastered onto her photoshopped face. Men-folk, tell me, do you fall into the cult of Jennifer?

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