Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One Where I Win Stylista! Not Really.

Have you watched the bitchy bonanza that is the CW's Stylista? You know, the one after the show where Tyra Banks reminds America she's still fierce (also craaazy)? Well, if you haven't, the folks on Stylista are young, supposedly fabulous, incredibly shitty human beings, all competing for a position at Elle magazine. Every week they attempt to show off their editing chops by creating various layouts that, in reality, are fairly impressive when you take into consideration the fact that they've only got about half an hour to work with. Anyway, if you're the sort of person who desperately wants to go to the grocery store and make a dress with a gummy worm fringe every time you watch Project Runway, then I have a GREAT way for your to procrastinate post-Stylista .

Polyvore is a site where you can pick and choose items from a virtual closet infinitely larger than the one at Elle and assemble them into your own bright and shiny layout collage. Search by item type or designer, narrow by color, click and drag and add text from a decent selection of fonts. It's great for the fashionista with downtime at a dull desk job. Check out the website to see some collages more impressive than my own samples here. Which really, were made quickly and are fairly craptastic. Yes. I made one based on Tony Scott's The Hunger. Why? Because Catherine Deneuve eats the Cullens for breakfast. Yes. I also made one based on the roller disco shenanigans of Xanadu. I like to think it speaks more to the Broadway musical than the awful(x10) Olivia Newton John vehicle. Honestly, i just really like roller disco. As a concept.

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