Sunday, November 9, 2008

Old News: Britney, Bitch...

It seems like my limited use of this blog has mostly consisted of me throwing guilty pleasure type things all over the interweb. Here comes another confession: for all my years despising Britney Spears, i really dig about 70% of her Blackout album. It figures, right? When she's in the gutter and her voice is completely done over by machines and overproduction, that's when i decide she might be worth my time. I didn't want to. Oh, how i resisted. But to no avail. Seriously. You listen to "Break the Ice", "Ooh Ooh Baby", and "Toy Soldier" and tell me that they're not catchy (at the least).

That said, i find my schadenfreude subsiding and am partially rather happy (much to my chagrin) that the cheetoh trash icon is at least back on her feet enough to pull off the dance moves in the "Womanizer" video. Good for you, Britney Spears. Good for you.

And yes, I will definitely be investigating her new album, Circus, upon its release later this year. It will undoubtedly be worth the 5 minutes it takes to preview things on iTunes. (Or, if you're sneaky like a google search and find the leaked album right now) I embrace you, teen pop. A few years too late, but i embrace you.

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