Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holy Death Scene, Batman!

Another wrench has been thrown into the Batman saga. Writer Grant Morrison has "killed off" Bruce Wayne in the conclusion of the story arc "Batman R.I.P."

::Spoilers Ahead::

This incarnation of Batman is supposedly killed off by the villainous Simon Hurt, posing as Wayne's long deceased father, and apparently without any other sort of clever moniker. Apparently, Batman is shot. Apparently, this is a major news story. Apparently, the world has forgotten about the various spin-offs, alternate realities, and story arcs that branch off of these beloved characters and that (just like in soap operas) superheroes and villains never seem to stay in the ground.

I'm not sure what i think about this. On the one hand, i'm well aware that it makes very little difference within the Batman universe. On the other hand, i'm slightly irked that Morrison killed off the Caped Crusader with a gunshot and daddy issues and that it's international news. But wait, he seems to negate the news himself...

"We wanted to see what would happen if the most evil, richest people in the world decided they didn't like Batman, and decided to take him apart piece by piece and destroy him. And then have Batman come back, and we could see why he's so great," [Source]

Uh huh. I bet no one saw that coming. Nice publicity stunt DC.


  1. Except he's not dead. He didn't die. He just slipped into a backup personality. They didn't even make him insane in the end,'s so muddled it's not even slightly rewarding.




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