Friday, November 21, 2008

Guilty Pleasures: 25 Movies Part III

16. HSM3 - I saw the first one. I hated it. I reluctantly watched the second one. It was better. Then i saw the third one. Rocky Horror style, late night, no kids around, plenty of space to yell at the screen and dance when necessary. Awesome. No, i'm serious. High camp, ridiculous dance numbers, Fosse yoga. The "official" Disney Channel music video version of "I Want it All" does little justice to the actual 'showstopper' cafeteria choreography of the film version, just so you know. But you have to love Ryan and Sharpay. They're just fabulous. Would be better without Vanessa Hudgens. Boo, whore.

17. Something's Gotta Give - It's fairly gross, isn't it? Watching old folks get it on. Especially when they're as unattractive as Jack Nicholson in his advanced years. But i have a soft spot for Diane Keaton, and this is pretty much the only decent thing she's done in at least 10 years. So i have a copy, yes. And i linger on it when it's on TNT. And i watch it when i'm feeling like some old sappy lady. Hey, it's a better crutch than Beaches.

18. The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) - Ok. Let's be honest. Pierce Brosnan is pretty damn hot. He's still much hotter than Daniel Craig...but that's neither here nor there. Anyway. Between the ages of 15 and 16 i think i watched this remake at least a dozen times. Cheesy dialogue and various ridiculous things aside, that staircase sex montage was like the damn hottest thing i'd ever seen.
I bet it's still pretty fucking hot. It should also be mentioned that this movie has one of the absolute best heist scenes of all time. I mean, it's set to Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" for christ's sake. So, art heists + sexy business + James Bond = hot.

19. The Chipmunk Adventure - When i was little i wanted those little chipmunk dolls so bad, not even because they were loaded with diamonds. I just wanted them. And i so wanted to go to the sombrero shaped taco stand that they stop by in Mexico. I didn't even like tacos at that point in my life. OH, and that fricken adorable little penguin. Anyway, there's just something about this animation that takes me back to better times. And, yes, i so love the Chipettes. I'm definitely a fan. Their outfits are excellent. In fact, the songs are so nostalgic, i will include TWO OF THEM. And yes, the Get Lucky one is completely loaded with innuendo.

20. Spice World - Again, i've seen this i don't know how many times. Years will pass and all of a sudden it will resurface in a big way. Because, really, for my generation this is one of those things where once you hear that someone else has recently been privy to a're suddenly overcome with the need to see it again in all its camp glory. It's beautiful. I love these girls. No lie. I'm starting to notice that many of my guilty pleasure movies involve girl pop groups in some context. I think i may have found what i really want to be when i grow up...

I leave you with: the boot camp scene...

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