Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Jump Off

I know what you're thinking. Really. I don't even have to be psychic (though sometimes I think my brain controls the shuffle function on my iPod). You're looking at this blog and going "Great. Another asshole started another blog devoted to pure unadulturated crap". Or, alternately, "The world doesn't need another Perez Hilton".

You would be right, on both counts. The world doesn't need another Perez Hilton, I never liked over-exuberant illiterates. And yes, the function of this blog is that silly sugary detritus officially recognized as 'pop culture'. But I swear, if I ever post about celebrity nip slips or make crude paint additions to an image, I'll publically flog myself in a random town square for senseless contribution to the downfall of the American Empire.

That said, welcome to the Pop Candy Arcade.

Love & Squalor,

(The Artist Henceforth Known As) Wilde.Dash

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